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Meet Chauhan is an american-Indian author, speaker and Ethical Hacker. meet has written books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. His work mostly involves OS based tips and tricks, proxy websites and lifestyle.

meet chauhan

A girl alone on the world A story of a lonely girl

Transforms from loser to best selling Author

Meet Chauhan, a resident of Amreli has set an example. He has proved that talent is much more important than a degree certificate.

Meet is 19 years old. He failed his 12th board exams 2 years back. That was a hard time for the Chauhans as Meet’s father fall ill. Meet had to take all the responsibility of his family solely To fulfil his duty he took a job as a peon in a private company. This job paid him 2500 only. When his friends got to know about this, they made fun of him and called him ‘looser’. But this did not stop Meet. He did not lose his courage.

“I used to work for the entire day and after returning home I used to write my book. It took me 2 years to complete the book. An America based company has reserved all the rights of this book and published it in 13 countries. They have entitled me as an author” – says Meet.

Not only this but Meet has also helped cops in solving a crime mystery. However, he is now working with a IT company.

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Ahmedabad , Gujarat , INDIA
meet chauhan

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Feedback from my Readers.

Makes a technical read an enjoyable one. Already installed Kali in three different ways including in a VM. Only bad thing was that the examples were too small to read unless I double tapped them, but for the cost of Kindle, It was well worth it. I also bought "Hacking" which was also good.

- Addio Rio, Texas USA

This book helped to understand footprinting quick and easy. There were excercises that really help cementing what Ramon was teaching. I recommend this for anyone trying to understand footprinting&scanning the easy way. I got confuse with the Cisco router setup, not sure if he wanted the reader to do the same commands with a Cisco router. All in all I enjoyed it

- Helen Ginsberg, Sydney Australia


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