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Ubuntu Using Hacking

The name of this book is “Ubuntu Unleashing Hacking.” The author of this book is Indian writer Meet Chauhan. With the help of this book, you can easily learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity. In this book, you can explore topics such as HoneyPot evasion, Email tracing, Virus Protection, and much more for cybersecurity. Additionally, the book covers advanced topics like Axial hacking for password cracking, Android hacking, and attacking computers, along with various tips and tricks.



Footpriting & Scanning

The name of this book is ‘Footprinting and Scanning.’ This book is written by an international author, Meet Chauhan. The book is helpful for easy reading and learning about footprinting, including what footprinting is, website footprinting, scanning, network scanning, the use of Nmap tool, email tracking, cybersecurity, and obtaining details from fraudulent websites easily. This book is designed to make security learning easy and includes tips and tricks.


footerprinting scanning
a girls alone in the world

A Girl Alone Tn The World

A Story of a Lonely Girl

What Readers Are Saying

Its really a very nice book for hacking for beginners. You may learn the nervous system of the computer very deeply by following the simple steps of Mr. Meet Chauhan. Thanks Meet..................

javed hussain

I love the book Easy to understand language Easy to follow steps I enjoy reading it Love the way things are explained

Dr. Deepak Middha

nowadays everyone has online presence and one must know how to secure his/her information on internet. This books deals with day-to-day easy tricks that will certainly improve your digital life. The best part of this book is that every apps/software/tricks illustrated are free and everyone uses all these daily


A very well formatted book with lots of ideas. Though one may not use more than 60 to70% of the ideas, it is still worth to have such a book handy..

S Vasudev

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