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“Reading heaps of books cannot even help you write two lines,

but a bitter experience can inspire you to write a whole book.”

about meet chauhan

A person was born in Rajkot district of Saurashtra. Parents are employed as general jewelers. From his childhood, he have a lot of interest in learning about computers and new ones. At the same time, the primary and secondary education of computer hacking was completed in primary and secondary education and in the 11th standard, it was considered to be a career with commerce. But at the important stage of the study, the source of the family’s only income was stopped due to father’s disease within standard 12.


To accept a job as a stripper his self In the important standard of study-12 The person was overcome. friends and teachers laughed at him, at this time he was in the mind, or something to be done. As a childhood he began to write a book on the basis of the hacking hobby. Due to the strong determination and the spirit of doing something, he became a young writer at the age of 18 with lesser education. And the American company published the book of Amreli’s boy in 13 countries of the world. This person has 12 Fell International Author and ethical Hacker Meet Chauhan.


The story behind writing his book from America started from Amreli is very interesting. From the beginning he did not waste time playing video game like other children. And through the medium of technology and computer, he has studied hacking and cyber security. Friends and teachers have started studying Meet Chauhan did a lot of joke and counting him in a stupid student. Stupid trip from start to become Star. They were fail in standard 12 but they did not feel hopeless in life. And started writing a book rather than a job as a striptease in the center of his skill and hobby.


Along with the job they provide enough time for their book at night and gather information about hacking and cyber security. There was no technical knowledge for just 12 fail. But writing a book was a confident self-confidence. They worked hard and diligently for the purpose of writing this book. And finally a book entitled “Ubuntu Using Hacking” was created on the Ethical hacking. Meet Chauhan did not have any support for publishing this book. And because of his education qualification, he did not get help from any publication in Gujarat. But with confidence and strong fortitude, this book, produced in Amreli, was published by the American company in 13 countries.


Meet Chauhan has got many experiences on the journey that has come to the American publication, which was produced by joking the public of Amreli’s public. Rather than completing the finished study, he started this uninterrupted journey of Hacking Field. And became the advisor to cyber security. They also found the Government of India hacking the location of the criminals of cyber crime. In the past, Meet Chauhan employs a company with 12 Fail Education qualifications in IT company as cyber security adviser. Good quality software engineers can not solve cybercrime puzzles that are solved in a quarrel. They believe that the degree is not important but the skills of your filed always gives you success. After the success of his book, he has become an international author. And once the Publishers whose books were not accepted by publishers, publishers are shouted to publish the book of Meet Chauhan.


Meet Chauhan’s second book “Foot Print and Scanning” has also been published by the publisher of the Australia. Any website can be scanned by using this book. It can be easily captured by the location of any unknown e-mail, and it can be easily captured by the Terrorist. So, Meet Chauhan inspires students, saying that if you get disadvantage in the study then it does not mean that you can not succeed in life. Instead of being disappointed at times, you should consider moving forward in positive life.


Meet Chauhan, a person who transforms Moment fail with Talent in well .There is a person who succeeds with experience, skill and wisdom after the failure of the teaching.

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